Duluth Coffee Partners & Retailers

Duluth Coffee Partners & Retailers

Where to find Duluth Coffee Company:

We’re a small business that’s looking to make big impacts. Eric started roasting coffee out of his garage and grew the business organically. After traveling to origin and meeting with coffee producers, he came to a realization that would forever change the business- in order to have real influence on the people’s lives in origin, Duluth Coffee Company needs to sell volumes of coffee. Upon returning from the first trip to Colombia, Eric dove into the business, restructuring and positioning it to sell large volumes of coffee at affordable prices. It didn’t happen over night, but today you’ll find traceable, high quality coffee throughout the Midwest.

Our Mission

It’s in our mission to be approachable and accessible. We source beautiful coffees from people and places we have visited, and it’s our responsibility to make it available to the masses. We’ve grown our Roastery operation to be able to serve many different markets- from cafes to offices, restaurants to retailers as well grocers. Each market buys coffee differently, so we’ve focused our efforts on diversifying our offerings to meet the needs.


Cafes and Specialty Retailers

Most of our partnering cafes brew our producer specific offerings, and pair their menu with 1lb retail bags. These are the same packages you’ll find here on our website. You’ll notice these coffees transitioning seasonally, as we’re purchasing dynamically, harvest to harvest. We’re proud to be buying coffee from people we know. It’s taken years of development, but we’ve been able to create wonderful, lasting relationships.

Each origin processes and transports coffee differently. It’s taken years of conversation and planning to create the offering list we have today. We’ve created new programs with Cafe Imports, like Farm Select, and continue to work with producers to create sustainability harvest to harvest.

You’ll notice we “brand” our coffee around the producers. You can shop coffee from our friend Diego Abarca in Costa Rica, or William Munoz in Colombia. As a roaster, it’s our responsibility to pay homage where it’s due. We don’t sell our coffee with a fancy name, we promote the people behind the product.

Diego Abarca


Grocery Stores

In the grocery stores, you’ll find 12oz whole bean coffee from regions in the world that we have traveled to. These coffees are considered “Group Lots” as they are comprised of multiple producers’ coffees. Most origins don’t separate producer lots unless their quality stands out amongst the rest. Effectively, these regional offerings are representations of the coffee culture within the specified region.

12oz Offerings

We get asked all of the time- Where can we find Duluth Coffee? The map below shows the scope of our distribution, but it isn’t an extensive list. There are many offices and organizations that are fueled by Duluth Coffee Company.

If you can’t find our coffee locally, encourage your local businesses to support sustainable supply chains.



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