William Munoz


A delicate coffee from an innovative producer. We’ve connected with William in our recent travels to Colombia, and we’ve committed to his entire coffee harvest. This is the first of many offerings from William. This coffee is intentionally picked and sorted based on the variety of Pink Bourbon. It is a very sweet and juicy cup.

Our relationship with William is very special to us. We’ve intentionally set up a program where we’ll continue to buy his coffee, year to year, at sustainable prices above any existing standards. Read more about William Munoz and our travels to Pitalito here.


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Our roast profiles are intended to highlight the potential of the coffee and all that has occurred in the cultivation and process of the coffee cherries. 

This coffee is roasted on a weekly basis to remain as fresh as possible. After roasting, the coffee is packaged and flushed to purge any remaining oxygen that could potentially degrade the quality. 

We offer grind size options, but we always recommend buying wholebean coffee and grinding for your daily brews. Preground coffee loses its aromatics significantly and degrades coffee quality. That said, a bad grinder is worse for extraction than preground coffee.