Coffee is our passion.

Eric Faust, founder & owner, fell in love with coffee at a young age. Eric began roasting coffee out of his garage on a 3kilo roaster, as he distributed coffee out of an old, white Ford F-150. The truck, “White Lightning” distributed coffee to local farmers markets and restaurants. In 2012, Eric began roasting coffee in the heart of downtown Duluth. He opened a small coffee house with his little coffee roaster centering the cafe. (…)

As the coffee became more widely available, Eric couldn’t keep up with the demand. The 3kilo roaster was soon replaced with a 12kilo roaster that still operates in the cafe today. Eric was roasting coffee five to seven days a week trying to keep up with local cafes, restaurants and retailers. Green coffee was arriving on pallets and out the door in bags the same week. Packaging and distribution created a bottleneck in output.

In 2017, Duluth Coffee Company partnered with Twin Ports Paper to work as a packaging partner of the coffee company. This allowed Eric to focus on what he does best; sourcing and roasting coffee. Today, our small team operates on a large scale. Eric never anticipated such a following for his handcrafted passion. We continue to roast fresh coffee every week. Our Roastery houses a 70kilo roaster, custom built for our Downtown space. You’ll find Eric roasting coffee on the side of Superior Street.

Origins & Beyond

Eric’s love for coffee connected him to wonderful people across the world. He focuses on roasting single origin coffees to pay homage to the origin and processing of coffee. Eric & crew continue to travel to origin to build relationships with farmers and coffee cooperatives. Recent trips have connected them to farmers in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and more. These origin trips have been fundamental in creating direct relationships with farmers to ensure top quality coffee and processing.

Our Mission is to source, roast and craft coffee with integrity and intentionality. We strive to evolve the community of coffee through accessibility and education. Coffee is our vessel for improving the lives of everyone from origin to cup.

Eric Faust, Owner & Roaster

Eric has worked as a barista, trainer, green bean buyer, consultant and United States Barista Championship Judge. Traveling around the world from Italy to Atlanta to Portland Eric has visited cafes and roasteries at the cutting edge of coffee. Training at the Counter Culture Headquarters in Atlanta and passing the SCAA Sensory Skills examination Eric has developed a discerning palate for coffee and green bean selection. He has written for national coffee publication like Fresh Cup and Roast Magazine as well as local publications like the Rake and the Heavy Table. His experience and passion is a driving force behind the Duluth Coffee Company.

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We supply coffee to businesses of all sizes. We work with restaurants, coffee shops, offices, and organizations of all kinds.

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Our training covers everything from origin to cup. We cover coffee cultivation, processing, green coffee transport & storage, roasting, espresso and brewing basics.

Superior Street Cafe

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Opened in October of 2012, the Duluth Coffee Company Cafe showcases a variety of single origin coffees. You’ll find dynamic coffees sourced from small farms in Costa Rica, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and many more. Seasonal Cold Brew options are available over ice or on nitro. We sell our house roasted bags of coffee along with other coffee merch. Come grab a cup of coffee and talk with our staff about home brewing methods and equipment.


Our Roastery houses our 70kilo roaster manufactured by US Roasting Corp. All of our coffees are roasted in house, and cupped upstairs in our lab.