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Faiber Bolanos - Colombian Washed

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ORIGIN: Colombia
FARM: La Esperanza
VARIETY: Pink Bourbon
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January of 2019 was the first time we went to the town of San Agustin, a magical place nestled in the southwest of Colombia in the Department of Huila. Over the years we have gotten to know a number of great producers in the area, but one in particular that we always see is Faiber Bolanos. We learned of Faiber as an amazing cupper before we learned he was also an amazing producer!

Faiber has worked on the exporting side of coffee tasting and evaluating coffees and this year in the company of three others he has started his own exporting business called Genesis. We are excited to have had the opportunity to buy his coffee. We are excited to support one of the founders of Genesis and see Faiber continue to succeed as a cupper, producer and exporter. In a country divided by the working class and the upper class, it's significant for a group of farmers and coffee professionals to create their own exporting group. We're proud of what they've created and aim to support them by buying their coffee.

A variety select; Pink Bourbon. The Pink Bourbon coffee variety is a natural cross between a Red Bourbon and a Yellow Bourbon cherry. It's known for complex lemon and grapefruit flavors balanced by chocolatey body. Selecting, picking and sorting to a specific coffee variety takes extra attention to detail.

Our Colombian coffee comes from Huila. The department of Huila, Colombia is home to some of the best coffee in the world. We purchase from many areas within Huila. San Agustin, Colombia is famous for growing coffee and happens to be be one of our favorite places in the world. The rugged roads lead us into beautiful valleys filled with high quality coffee. Most estates reach 1800masl, creating the perfect climate for coffee cultivation. The steep hillsides make the coffee harvest challenging, but the quality is worth the effort.