What Does Producer Specific Mean?

December 5, 2019

What does producer specific mean? Just what it sounds like! Producer specific means that all of the coffee seeds come from one specific producer (farmer) or one specific producer family which makes fluctuations in quality much easier to address.
One of the producers we work with, Juan Rafael Montero, from Costa Rica has developed more thoughtful and creative agricultural practices that are now being studied by students and professors from a nearby college in San Jose in relation to sustainability. Producer specific sourcing allows us to build relationships with producers that make positive changes for all those involved in the supply stream.
With recent conversation of the coffee-price crisis, building these relationships is one way to help farmers have a more viable life in coffee farming. One of our longest relationships is the the Munoz family from Pitalito, Colombia in the region of Huila. This past year we purchased all of the family’s coffee at different quality levels, applying them to different levels of our wholesale/retail business. We have put in place an incentive program paying premiums for all levels of their quality but with highest increases related to highest numerical cup scores. While this isn’t the fix-all for the coffee-price crisis, it is a step in the right direction.
With that said, you might have noticed a change in the labeling of our coffee packaging. We want to pay homage to the farmers and all of the amazing work that they do, because without them, we would be nothing. You can find our producer specific coffee at several of our wholesale partners and in our cafes. If you are interested in carrying producer specific coffee at your location, please contact sam@duluthcoffeecompany.com

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