Thank You!

November 26, 2018

Thank you to the customer. To the humans past, present and future who have spent or will spend their time and currency to engage with us and our offerings. For your critiques and praises and your presence in our cafe, we are grateful and happy to share in experience and life with you. Thank you for smiling faces and passionate requests that continue to inspire us and provide us with vitality and growth. Thank you to our friends and community members for trusting in our products and sharing in our service. Thank you to the family members and loved ones that have supported our efforts. Thank you to all the phenomenal people we have worked with here at 105. Thank you to Duluth for letting the business live here and letting us explore new things. To Don and Pat who have showed us limitless kindness and generosity as mentors, friends and landholders of the beautiful Fannie Rose Building on the historic Superior Street. Thank you to James with MME for always getting us coffee and helping us carry it in. Thank you to Twin Ports Paper for helping us transport and package all these beautiful brown beans. And to Cafe Imports warehouse crew for always getting it to James and to Matt Brown for always being there to take a coffee order but in general just being a saint. Thank you to Andrew Miller and J. Long for keeping Matt employed and also being the best specialty coffee importer on the planet. Thanks Piero for traveling all the time and maintaining difficult relationships across the globe and all the wonderful staff at Cafe Imports for helping move amazing coffees. Thank you to the exporting partners and organizations that have worked to build infrastructure and streamline logistics to improve quality in transport. Thank you to those who have started strong pathways for coffee. We want to thank the people who grow and care for the seedlings in nurseries and greenhouses all around the world. Thank you to the pickers who are easily forgotten and paid meager wages to complete an arduous task. We ask that you join us and pay homage to the individuals and organizations seeking a greater level of diversity in coffee from a genomic level, constantly working to foster new varieties that can survive our ever-changing global growing conditions. In the story from bean to cup, there are many hands involved in producing a narrative. We seek to highlight the faces and families behind the moments and seasons that create such a beautiful and complex product. We want to thank the earth for fostering climates that are well suited to the growth of coffee shrubs. We are appreciative of the oceans and winds that share their liveliness and the nutrients they possess with soils all across the equatorial region. We thank the mountains for making slow climbs to high elevations creating unique micro-climates for diversity in growth and quality. We strive to share knowledge and understanding along the chain in order to avoid repeating past faults in coffee progress and development. The landscape of coffee now is the canvas we possess and we are thankful to be involved in an industry where many members are willing to work together to create real change in overall quality of life and quality of product for their fellow participants.

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