Upcycled Coffee Bag Journals


Handmade with love in Duluth, MN.

“These journals are all unique and one of a kind. Burlap bags used to ship green (unroasted coffee) are decorated with designs or stamped with lot numbers and origin information. While there may be several journals with covers made from the same style of bag, every cut is different.

The bags are cut and stitched to a piece of waxed canvas to make the cover. Then 5 sets of 15 sheets of 20# weight white paper are hand folded and bound into the cover with hemp twine.”

For more information on the maker and journal, visit Waxed Journals.

COVER: Burlap coffee bag & waxed canvas
SIZE: 6.25″ x 9″ x 1″
PAGES: 150
WEIGHT: 1 lb

*each journal is unique and will differ from the featured photo”

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