DECAF Colombia Huila


The Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca (AMACA) consists of 140 farmers who each grow and process coffee on small farms. AMACA was developed in 1999 by a small group of women with the intentions of improving the quality of life for their members and member families.

A premium is paid to AMACA above the value of coffee itself in support and development of the program. We’re proud supporters.

This decaf is top notch. We’ve been blown away at its quality and ability to maintain the classic Colombian coffee profile after decaffeination.


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Our roast profiles are intended to highlight the potential of the coffee and all that has occurred in the cultivation and process of the coffee cherries. 

This coffee is roasted on a weekly basis to remain as fresh as possible. After roasting, the coffee is packaged and flushed to purge any remaining oxygen that could potentially degrade the quality. 

We offer grind size options, but we always recommend buying wholebean coffee and grinding for your daily brews. Preground coffee loses its aromatics significantly degrades coffee quality. That said, a bad grinder is worse for extraction than preground coffee.