Chen Chi Xing




Origin: Lishan, Nantou, Taiwan

Tea Type: Wulong Tea

Flavor Notes:

Volume: 25 grams

Chen Chi Xing represents Mountain Tea who began their tea journey in 1977 with a small tea shop in Taipei perfecting the art of brewing, tasting and serving tea to the public. Like many craftspeople, brewing and serving was only the beginning, they yearned for more which led them to seeking the perfect land for tea cultivation. In 1987, in the Wushe mountains of Nantou County, they planted their first tea gardens. They have grown to have two more gardens since the late 80’s and have become famous in Taiwan and around the world for the high elevation, high quality wulong tea production/processing. The stark transition between day and night temperatures and cloudy, moist environmental conditions provide a long, slow, and hydrating maturation period for the leaves, packing them with concentrated nutrients that translate to rich, unique terroir. This wulong was picked in spring, withered for flexibility, hand rolled, shaped, and lightly oxidized under monitored conditions before being dried for shelf stability.