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About Duluth Coffee Company

Eric Faust

The Duluth Coffee Company is committed to providing quality coffee using high quality green beans, proper roasting and freshness. Green beans are selected based on understanding of the farm, processing and shipping. Each coffee is roasted to order with insightful roasting techniques that bring out the nuances of each coffee due to origin, varietal and processing technique. Each coffee is delivered fresh, allowing for the brewed coffee to be enjoyed at its peak.

Eric Faust, owner and roaster, has worked as a barista, trainer, green bean buyer, consultant and United States Barista Championship Judge. Traveling around the world from Italy to Atlanta to Portland Eric has visited cafes and roasteries at the cutting edge of coffee. Training at the Counter Culture Headquarters in Atlanta and passing the SCAA Sensory Skills examination Eric has developed a discerning palate for coffee and green bean selection. He has written for national coffee publication like Fresh Cup and Roast Magazine as well as local publications like the Rake and the Heavy Table. His experience and passion is a driving force behind the Duluth Coffee Company.

Global Coffee

Every day we strive to understand the origins of the coffees we offer. As we grow our connections with exporters, importers and farmers becomes stronger giving us the transparency we need to offer the finest coffees possible.

Roasted and Brewed on Site

The soil, varietal, farmer, processor and importer all have an impact on coffee. Roasting is our opportunity to influence the taste of the coffee. We control the roasting process to develop and balance the natural nuances and flavor of the coffee.