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Chacon - Costa Rican Anaerobic Natural

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ORIGIN: Costa Rica
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
FARM: Las Lajas
VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai
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The double black diamond: A unique process for the Las Lajas Micromill. This is an anaerobic Natural coffee. It's considered a Natural because the cherries are left to ferment and dry on the seeds for the entire process. Before the cherries are dried, they are fermented in an oxygen free environment to create juicy and winey flavors. This is our second year with an Anaerobic Natural from the Chacon's.  

The Chacon’s are the pioneers for innovative processing in Costa Rica. They own and operate the Las Lajas Micromill, where they process coffee in a multitude of ways. They began experimenting with processing after an earthquake dismantled their access to power and electricity, forcing for innovation. The Chacon’s continue to lead the industry in Honey and Natural processing, creating unique profiles and complex cups of coffee. Their coffee is a seasonal staple for us, and we have been fortunate to meet with them year after year.

One of the most famous or recognized coffee growing regions, Costa Rica grows many different varieties and uses creative techniques in processing them. The prevalence of personal or cooperatively owned micro-mills has given producers the opportunity to experiment and develop many unique traditions for post harvest processing. Known for honey processed coffees with balanced body and florally sweet acidity, Costa continues to impress and innovate. Washed process, dry process and every nuance in between.